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Before going home, I planned to go to SM Manila and do sight-seeing.When I went on the fifth floor, I noticed many people gathering together in a place. I didn’t know that National Chess Open already took place since last monday, December 18 ,2006. I managed to see famously known professional chess players like Mark Paragua, and Wesley So.

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I am making a post about these usual programming trick questions and give out their solutions because, I really want to show you how simple it could be and advise you that you do not “overthink” it. Oh, I am not giving you exactly in a programming code, but maybe just something like a pseudo-code.
If you have other trick questions that you might want to share, please post it as a comment.


1. ) How do you swap two integer values from two variables without using another variable?

2. ) How do you convert an integer ranging from 0 to 999,999,999 to words?

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