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I didn’t actually know that there would be an event such as this. But still, I really felt excited the moment I heard from a friend that I could also attend the event.

We were able to see each other and introduce ourselves during the event. There, I met cruizer, the administrator of the phpugph, and root, the moderator . There were also some important sponsors and VIPs who came, like Mr. Robert Locke of Mobius Games, Jerome Gotangco, who came to talk about Linux, and more.

Cruizer provided a small talk about TDD (Test Driven Development) in PHP. He explained that the purpose of using SimpleTest class is about design methodology. It was not for effective coding. He had 3 demos for using the SimpleTest class but he had no time to show all of them, so he simply used his first demo which is a user login authentication system. You can visit his blog at .

At the end of the event, some prizes, freebies were given away to the members, including 3 Zend Studio Licenses. ( I was so lucky I got one !)

I hope to see more new people for future upcoming EB events for PHPUGPH!

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