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I found this intriguing article about dealing with boredom among programmers. This article has an impact to me because I encounter boredom a lot of times. But I don’t let myself be brought down just because of boredom. And I won’t even permit other people put me down too!

I have to tell you what keeps me motivated. What keeps me motivated is my ambition, my faith, my belief, that I can always be a better programmer! So, I always try to learn new things and hell, I don’t stop.

I don’t know about you, but, if sometimes, I feel bored of programming in PHP, I try to switch to do some Ruby on Rails web apps. And I feel that helps me. Yes, really!

Maybe you are becoming stale because you feel some sort being in a routine work. So , I am asking you, why don’t you try to learn other new things, like gardening too, or fishing… what I mean is, don’t limit yourself on what you do basically on every day, but try to discover and do different things too!

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