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Bored of programming?

Posted on: June 30, 2007

I found this intriguing article about dealing with boredom among programmers. This article has an impact to me because I encounter boredom a lot of times. But I don’t let myself be brought down just because of boredom. And I won’t even permit other people put me down too!

I have to tell you what keeps me motivated. What keeps me motivated is my ambition, my faith, my belief, that I can always be a better programmer! So, I always try to learn new things and hell, I don’t stop.

I don’t know about you, but, if sometimes, I feel bored of programming in PHP, I try to switch to do some Ruby on Rails web apps. And I feel that helps me. Yes, really!

Maybe you are becoming stale because you feel some sort being in a routine work. So , I am asking you, why don’t you try to learn other new things, like gardening too, or fishing… what I mean is, don’t limit yourself on what you do basically on every day, but try to discover and do different things too!

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I play Scrabble for the first time one day, the next day I’m downloading dictionaries and using sqlite and regular expressions to find acceptable words. I have to send in a weekly progress report everyday at work, so I make a program to organize, format, email it to my boss, and archive them on my computer. I can’t decide where to eat or what to cook each week, so I make a program to decide for me. Just finding ways to solve everyday problems will help you appreciate knowing how to program.

At least for me it is more than the typical boredom you face from time to time. It is about
the question whether programming in general is the right thing to do for me.

[…] went to Daniel’s blog and read this article about the feeling of boredom in programming. I blogged about it here in wordpress hosted […]

Well in my case aside from programming, I play Tekken 6 BR in trinoma, learning how to dance (step up moves), bodybuilding, etc.


Bodybuilding is a healthy habit, kryptonian!

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