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cakephp auto-append “/webroot” problem

Posted on: August 3, 2007

I thought I was stupid to make cakephp append “/webroot” when rendering urls using HTML helper.

When I searched for a solution, I came to this site and learned that this is a common problem in cakephp.

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[…] had a problem related to CakePHP and url. I found some articles, such as this or this, but I still can’t find a solution. I try to access a file in the app/webroot directory, but […]

I have a similar problem, described in this post, could you please help me?

@Software utilities

sorry , I was not able to get your message because it was flagged as spam. I just de-spammed it when I checked my akismet spams.

there was a situation that I encountered before, where, ‘/webroot’ is being added at the end of url when calling $html->url(/) .

I went to the CakePHP manual and realized that I misconfigured my httpd.conf of my cakephp web app; Your web app’s config in httpd.conf must point to its webroot directory.

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