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I was debugging this SQL statement in MSSQL and it says

“Syntax error converting the varchar value ‘LDI ‘ to a column of data type int. ”

I realized that this was due to the part where in the “Where” clause that compares the value of a char column with an integer, like for example,

agent_code = 942,

when it should be

agent_code = '942'


where in mysql,
I could just compare the column with a value regardless of its type.
It could be already a known common difference between MSSQL and MySQL when comparing column values of different types, but I guess I just have to blog about it. is looking for web developers and graphic designers. If you are interested, you can send your resume to You can also visit their website @

I can’t forgive myself for not searching google regarding this problem of mine for more than 2 months already.

I installed my cakephp web application and configured it on the web server via apache alias. But then some problems soon came out like, when the user’s sessions expired,  the page is showing off several PHP Notice messages about output already rendered before session_start. I couldn’t trace it. I felt this is just one of those problems. I couldn’t tell more.

To cut things short, you can thank this person for telling us how to install cakephp web applications via apache alias.

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