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In daniel hoffster’s blog, he pointed out the difference of behavior when setting your $uses variable in your controllers to null against array().

If you try to do the same thing as daniel reported, you will encounter a PHP notice that says Notice: Undefined property: myController::$model . 

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Once again, PHPUGPH is having another event called “PHP Everywhere” after last April’s successful PHP developers’ meetup in Market-Market. This time, it’s going to get bigger, with more sponsors and VIP  speakers. Seminars related to PHP will be offered during the time of the event; There will also be giveaways and freebies for everyone, so register now for the event.

I was in the office, dead serious in making the final query for one of the web reports I have to make, when one of my office mates informed us that there was a blast in Glorietta 2 caused by an LPG Tank of a resto (just like initial police reports say.) But later, police soon reported it that it was a bomb. Photos of the scene can be viewed here.

I really feel awful upon hearing the news about the tragedy, because what if my brother was there?

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