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I just read from Y! Answers Philippines blog that a meetup is currently getting organized. At What place do you think it is the most suitable, the most convenient for us to have this first meetup?  Me, I want it here in Ortigas. I am so excited for this meetup!

I thought that I update my readers regarding my personal cakephp project named “Learn The Web”. It’s actually a question and answer site, and the users earn points and gain levels and improve their profile according to the number of questions posted, answers to questions, and votes.

The tasks finished :

1. use of AuthComponent ($this->Auth->authorize = ‘actions’)
2. use of cakephp Themes (with that you can customize or create your own layout for the site.)

The web app online is not updated because I have sessions problem with the free host. (hey , it’s a free host!).

I found this article from six revisions and they enumerated several tools that would help you develop faster loading web pages.  Some of them are actually the first time I heard of, but they are really quite useful to me, though, others might not if they are more into linux than windows.

Two days before this is posted on this blog, I encountered an issue with the sessions in cakephp on my personal cakephp project. I felt frustrated when I realized that the sessions do not load when logging in.

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Yes, cakephp lovers may now download an 1.2 RC1 version  at

I can’t wait to try it out its newest features and learn which are removed from previous versions and which are  newly added.

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