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Bored of programming part 2

Posted on: July 4, 2008

That was last year, June, when I first went to Daniel’s blog and read this article about the feeling of boredom in programming. I blogged about it here in wordpress hosted blogsite.

There were 2 people who commented on my blog post. The first one was nakatawa. That is a friend of mine (we met in college) who lives now and work as a computer engineer in the United States . And the second was Daniel himself. He said that it was the programming in question if it is the right thing to do.

Once again this year, The feeling is killing me. This time, it feels more frightening, as it tells me to be afraid of the future. IT is more like dictating me what to do and I tend to feel to be in less control.


2 Responses to "Bored of programming part 2"

I think boredom is a sign that you have to change something. In my case it means to
reduce the amount of programming I do (it’s an ongoing process and I’m not yet
where I want to be). And yes, it is frightening. On the other hand it is also a chance to
explore new things.

Anyway, I wish you good luck on this journey 🙂


Thanks for visiting my site!

You are very correct. I think programming has become a daily routine in my life, and I just felt tired of it. If I manage to save some money, I might open a small business, and maybe, lay off programming for good.

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