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Test post

Posted on: December 10, 2008

test post for work

2 Responses to "Test post"

Hi, I have a question regarding what you posted for

how did u add those scripts into the code i have been trying to do that but i can’t get the ajax tabs to cache properly.

I have tried just adding the

$(‘#navtabs’).tabs({ cache: true });
$(‘#navtabs’).tabs({ ajaxOptions: { async: false } });
$(function() { $(‘#navtabs’).tabs({remote:true}); });

like this but it doesn’t work then i tried.

and this $(function() { $(‘#navtabs’).tabs({remote:true,cache: true,ajaxOptions: { async: false }}); });


How do you say that your code not to be working?
If you have firebug, you could check if you had a successful XHR session (how do you call it – transaction?) …

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