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FAQ About Filchi

About Filchi

Why Filchi?

I thought to use “Filchi” word/acronym to mean Filipino-Chinese. There is nothing special.

Are you actually phpcurious?

Yes. I had a blog site before at but I decided to shut it down.  I also have filchi account on blogger but  honestly, I am not active on blogger.

Why do you blog about cakephp?

I just wanted to share my coding experience in cakephp. LOL. I am not an expert in cakephp either. I promised myself to share whatever I know so that newbie guys( like me, when I first heard of cakephp), wouldn’t feel it is so hard to learn the very popular and always being challenged PHP framework, cakephp.

What was life before cakephp ?

I was a newbie Ruby On Rails that time.  And that time, I found Ruby on Rails easier to build web apps than
plain PHP. I didn’t know MVC, or cakephp. But then, cakephp changed my life, and will still change me until forever. Sounds dramatic, isn’t it?

What PHP framework did you also use?

Oh, I used codeigniter before in my previous work and it was still 1.2.1, I think. I didn’t like codeigniter for not having layouting and ORM.

Did you say you have a business degree? Did you encounter any problems when you tried applying for a job that requires computer degree?

Yes. I graduated from De La Salle University, Taft Avenue, Manila. I earned my Marketing Degree on March 2000. I actually decided to go programming after 2 years of working in marketing/sales field, but I had the enthusiasm and interest to create web sites since College.

Problems in applying for work? Hell, no. I view them as challenges and opportunities for improvement and development.

What do you plan on working now?

I love to create web 2.0 Apps. My baby is the learn the web Question and answer project.
the last update on the project online was in this url.  please email me at filchiprogrammer [at] gmail [dot] com if you want to be part of the cakephp project.

Are you open for freelance works?

I would love to. But I don’t think I can commit full time freelance work. I still go to the ‘8/9am til 5pm’ work in Ortigas and have to commute from Binondo, to Pasig.

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Hello po! thanks for dropping by at my blog. Thanks will try to come back from time to time.. drop me a note at yolynne[at]

Ingats and God Bless!


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