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1. Be more consistent with the system’s layout to make existing features of the system immediately obvious to the eye of the user.

2. Be more accurate with the information that the system is viewing.

3. Always be updated with the latest version of the latest PHP framework which the system is built on.

4. Be able to run faster and improve performance.

5. To finish what have been already started.

Yesterday, I just tried to learn how to use JQuery with Ext in case of need for future sideline projects. It is not that easy at first however, because, to understand the integration better, you still have to understand how ExtJS runs and how to start coding ExtJS for your projects.

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I was doing this web report, and I thought of improving its user interface design, so I decided to use jquery ajax tabs UI.

But because the ajax-ed content is very large, the tab, when clicked, looks like this in Firefox:

ajax content caching

AFAIK, Firefox does not cache ajax content, which is contrary to what Internet Explorer does.

I just want to share additional info regarding the ajax tabs:

everytime you select the tab with ajax content, the tab starts to process ajax. Meaning,

even when not necessary, the ajax still runs. That sucks, huh!? 😦

I overlooked that in the JQuery Tabs options params, you can set the ajax cache to true and the ajax won’t run everytime you click on the tab.
(Source: JQuery Ajax Tabs )
Code:   $(‘.selector’).tabs({ cache: true });
$(‘.selector’).tabs({ ajaxOptions: { async: false } }); is looking for web developers and graphic designers. If you are interested, you can send your resume to You can also visit their website @

I can’t forgive myself for not searching google regarding this problem of mine for more than 2 months already.

I installed my cakephp web application and configured it on the web server via apache alias. But then some problems soon came out like, when the user’s sessions expired,  the page is showing off several PHP Notice messages about output already rendered before session_start. I couldn’t trace it. I felt this is just one of those problems. I couldn’t tell more.

To cut things short, you can thank this person for telling us how to install cakephp web applications via apache alias.

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