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It’s so nice to be back to studying Ruby on Rails… 😀

Email from Mark William Campillanes is shown below:


An International Company is greatly in need of a Ruby on Rails
Programmer. The post offers a promising career growth and of course a very
competitive compensation package. I decided to shoot an e-mail to you
because I just would like to ask and also try out if ever you can refer or
you know someone who is apt for the position. I am very much willing to
discuss further the details of the above-mentioned job vacancy to qualified
and interested individuals. This is for a permanent employment. We are
sincerely eyeing for someone who can lead the account with sufficient
knowledge and background in ruby on rails. We are very much willing to
elaborate the lucrative components of this post. You can reach me at

Thank you so much

God Speed!


I found this intriguing article about dealing with boredom among programmers. This article has an impact to me because I encounter boredom a lot of times. But I don’t let myself be brought down just because of boredom. And I won’t even permit other people put me down too!

I have to tell you what keeps me motivated. What keeps me motivated is my ambition, my faith, my belief, that I can always be a better programmer! So, I always try to learn new things and hell, I don’t stop.

I don’t know about you, but, if sometimes, I feel bored of programming in PHP, I try to switch to do some Ruby on Rails web apps. And I feel that helps me. Yes, really!

Maybe you are becoming stale because you feel some sort being in a routine work. So , I am asking you, why don’t you try to learn other new things, like gardening too, or fishing… what I mean is, don’t limit yourself on what you do basically on every day, but try to discover and do different things too!

After watching that short video from youtube, I read one of the video’s comments by sarasioux and agree with him that it was a bit unfair to compare PHP to Ruby, because PHP is a language while Ruby is constructed as a framework.

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