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I was doing this web report, and I thought of improving its user interface design, so I decided to use jquery ajax tabs UI.

But because the ajax-ed content is very large, the tab, when clicked, looks like this in Firefox:

ajax content caching

AFAIK, Firefox does not cache ajax content, which is contrary to what Internet Explorer does.

I just want to share additional info regarding the ajax tabs:

everytime you select the tab with ajax content, the tab starts to process ajax. Meaning,

even when not necessary, the ajax still runs. That sucks, huh!? 😦

I overlooked that in the JQuery Tabs options params, you can set the ajax cache to true and the ajax won’t run everytime you click on the tab.
(Source: JQuery Ajax Tabs )
Code:   $(‘.selector’).tabs({ cache: true });
$(‘.selector’).tabs({ ajaxOptions: { async: false } });

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