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I was able to connect again to cakephp irc community yesterday about 1pm already, Philippines time. Another fellow cakephp programmer asked about how to call or include models in custom components.

I told him you can use,


so, after a while, he told me the code worked. I also explained to him that the uses() is deprecated in 1.2.

And then, another programmer told us about using ClassRegistry::init() in custom components. He provided us a link so we can see more explanation about using the code.

I post this blog because the way of Incorporating models in components is making me confused. You suggest using App::import and then , another will say use ClassRegistry. But when you suggest ClassRegistry, someone will say, just use App::import. I don’t get it.

I thought to blog my experiences and give advice on creating web apps. I can’t explain each of the items below right now, but I guess it will be easy to understand them.

1. Plan,plan,plan. It doesn’t really hurt to plan anything.

2. Know when several people is more needed than a one-man-team in developing web applications. You will always need help in some areas. may it be testing, prototyping, budgeting,etc.

3. make documentation of all your progress, or at least make comments line-by-line so you would know why you coded it that way.

4. use an effective code control system, so you could have a history of your previous work and revert back the changes.

5. decide where it is convenient to use a popular PHP framework or just create your own.

There! I said almost everything. If you wish to add some more please put it on as a comment.


The “Barcamp Manila” is a successful event organized for developers to informally meet personally and talk about their current projects, pet project software, or libraries.

I had a chance to talk with Dean Michael Berris of Orange & Bronze after his presentation on a C++ Networking library. I was very impressed with the short demo he made about using the library. You can download their project at the sourceforge .

I also met Janette Toral of IMMAP( Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines), Marie Casas of PigMata, Dave Q of RedMedia (also one of the organizers of Wordcamp Philippines).

You can also see the replays of the barcamp.

I thought to post my manga face here. so , here it is:


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